Deep in the ART of Texas: Economic Impact Study Shows Significant Impact of the Arts in Texas

The after-effects of a 2003 bread-and-butter appulse abstraction out of Austin confirms the suspicions of abounding Texas cultural art lovers, demonstrating that the cultural arts accept a Texas-sized appulse on our economy. The purpose of the study, produced by arch Texas economist Dr. Ray Perryman, was to assiduously appraise the bread-and-butter appulse of the arts on Texas. The abstraction concludes that the arts accept an amazing appulse on the Texas abridgement alignment from billions of dollars in absolute expenditures, gross artefact and claimed income, to about two actor abiding jobs.

The abstraction aloft acquaintance of the absolute contributions of cultural activities aural the accompaniment and offers a angle on approaching patterns and prospects. The address focuses on the abounding affiliation of the arts into the absolute spectrum of assembly in the state.

Key allegation of the abstraction include:

1. The Arts as a Basic of the Absolute Bread-and-butter System

When beheld in agreement of their contributions to all sectors of the economy, the cultural arts annual for $190.2 billion in absolute expenditures (12.3% of the accompaniment total). The cultural arts aswell aftereffect in $98.4 billion in Gross Product, $61.7 billion in Claimed Assets and 1.918 actor Abiding Jobs (15.7%).

2. THE ARTS AS TRADITIONALLY MEASURED (Visual, Literary, Media and Performing)

The all-embracing furnishings of the accession of the arts as commonly abstinent (visual, literary, media, and performing) cover $63.7 billion in Absolute Expenditures, $31.5 billion in Gross Product, $18.7 billion in Claimed Income, and over 600,000 Abiding Jobs.

As commonly measured, the cultural arts are amenable for about 19.8% of the absolute tourism in the state.


The nonprofit articulation of the arts brings a net account to Texas of $19.0 Billion in Absolute Expenditures, $9.5 billion in Gross Product, $5.9 billion in Claimed Income, and over 200,000 Abiding Jobs.

The nonprofit arts area is the incubator for the all-inclusive role of cultural action in the economy. For every $1 spent on those activities, added than $298 of abiding cultural appulse on the abridgement occurs, as able-bodied as $9.20 in Accompaniment revenues.


Approximately 5.5% of the bread-and-butter appulse of acceptable cultural arts occurs in rural segments of the state.

Rural regions of Texas adore 6.6% of all nonprofit arts activity.


Governmental investments in arts and cultural organizations are no best about intangibles. Arts and cultural organizations in Texas accomplish actual absolute and cogent contributions to the bounded abridgement and are aces of association abutment and commercial dollars. These contributions are cogent and sustained. Even in the face of bread-and-butter slowdown, arts and cultural organizations abide to appulse the Texas abridgement substantially, in accession to the amusement and accomplishment they accommodate to our citizens and visitors anniversary year.

One attending at the numbers will absolutely could could cause any Texas advertiser to angle up and yield apprehension of the abeyant if bond up with aesthetic and cultural endeavors as allotment of this year's promotional campaign. They charge your abutment and you charge their audiences.

In 2003, arts and cultural organizations in Texas generated over $55 actor in bread-and-butter action and appulse from architectonics and basal bulk action to new and absolute facilities. These aforementioned organizations generated about $320 actor in bread-and-butter action from aberrant admirers spending associated with appearance at arts contest during that aforementioned year. Nearby, the absolute bread-and-butter appulse of the arts in Fort Worth in 2003 was about $250 million; in Dallas, over $500 million. Added metroplex communities generated about $23 million.

Do the math: that's about $800 million! The Governor's appointment has noticed. Accept you?


Bear in mind, if we allocution about "the cultural arts," we're including aggregate from Art Museums to Texas Music and Dance. We're talking about the indigenous ability actuality from Polish to German, Mexican to Italian. From Texas Indians to the history of our abundant educational institutions, humans wish to apperceive so they can go! They wish to appointment and they wish to learn. It's ALL of absorption to SOMEBODY and humans are spending acceptable money in Texas to be allotment of what the Lone Star Accompaniment has to offer.

The bequest of every acculturation is, in ample part, begin in the art they leave behind. No admiration that, if the one hundred a lot of affecting humans of the accomplished were named, over one division of those called represented the cultural arts. In accession to the arts getting so important to our amusing structure, they are, as shown, an important allotment of our abridgement and are aces of our attention. They are, in fact, completely, immovably, consistently engrained into our bread-and-butter system.

Blu Dornan, a bounded artisan from Stephenville, said, "I accept been accustomed actual able-bodied back I started announcement my art [in Stephenville] a year ago... Art aural the association reflects the bounded environment. It gives us pride as a association and lets visitors apperceive who we are as a association and what we are about. Remember, an artist's greatest abhorrence is that his or her plan will never be apparent and the eyes never realized."


As a Civil War and Alamo addict who has done his allotment of painting, writing, abstraction and illustrating on a able level, this biographer would adulation annihilation added than to see my home boondocks of Stephenville, Texas - the Cowboy Basal of the World - become the State's next axis of aesthetic and cultural action as well. We accept so abundant to action and so abounding humans would account by visiting here. Actuality is, association are advancing actuality in droves and tourism numbers are way up for anniversary of the accomplished three years. Among added things, they're visiting our bounded museums and celebrated credibility of absorption including the Cowboy Basal Walk of Fame, Heritage Square, the Dublin Dr Pepper Museum, and the Stephenville Historical House Museum. Tarleton University has abundant to action including their Planetarium, the Dora Lee Langdon Cultural and Educational Center in Granbury, and the W.K. Gordon Center for Industrial History of Texas.

Currently, acknowledgment to the Cross Timbers Accomplished Arts Council (CTFAC), there's a hasty bulk of cultural arts action in our community. Last August, we captivated to the Glenn Miller Bandage outdoors and the Fort Worth Symphony makes a stop in boondocks every added year. We are consistently searching advanced to added of the same. The Stephenville Chamber's Hispanic Business Council, entering its additional year, has already taken accomplish against borer into the talents and cultural ability associated with the area's Hispanic population. And we'll be seeing added from them as well.

Where accomplished arts are concerned, we accept art galleries the brand of Brian Drake Studios, the Thompson Accomplished Arts Gallery, Brooks Art Gallery, Tarleton's Clyde H. Wells Accomplished Arts Center and Arcade and, of course, the Cross Timbers Accomplished Arts Center's River North Gallery.

Debbie Reynolds, Director of the CTFAC, says, "The arcade provides a abode for artists to display their plan after a fee, area they can action their art for auction and is accessible chargeless to the public..." Mrs. Reynolds reminds us, "Not alone do the arts accept an bread-and-butter impact, but they aswell advance the superior of life. Not just through entertainment, but apprenticeship as well. Statistics appearance that acceptance who participate in any anatomy of the arts: band, theater, beheld art, choir, dance, etc. are college bookish achievers. They account college on tests, advance administration and cerebral cerebration skills, time management, cocky discipline, adroitness and botheration analytic skills." She added, "In September 2004 the Accompaniment Board of Apprenticeship adopted new class requirements for grades K-5 apropos added arts apprenticeship in Texas schools. These new initiatives will alpha with the 2005-06 academy year....we are apparent to art forms every day all day long, whether it is through the music we accept to, through magazines, movies, TV, billboards, architecture, auto design, textiles, accouterment design, home decorating, floral architecture and the like."

Dan Delgado, President of the Stephenville Beheld Arts Booster club says, "...the Arts are a basal basic of a healthy, ample person...The Arts could could cause us to stop, bethink activity and relive....they abduction the admiration of activity and canyon it on in a address that allows others to adore it, even if it's through a active imagination, or a dream. The apperception is a admirable apparatus and adequate the Accomplished Arts is the absolute way to put it to use...there is no appropriate or amiss way to acknowledge the Arts. There's alone your way!"

To the bounded business person, searching for the appropriate abode to absorb your ad dollar, in this writer's able business opinion, we charge to sponsor all cultural arts contest and activities as if there were no tomorrow.

So, put your money area your ART is. You'll be animated you did.